Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Howdy Y’all! Sorry, I wasn’t able to keep a very good update going here on my blog. Our journey was cut short at the beginning when Jake, our pack mule, got a bad cinch burn behind his front leg. 
We made it roughly only 40 miles away from home. We camped by the Amite river for 4 nights and 3 days. Then decided it would be in the best interest of our equine to trailer them back home and allow them to rest and for Jake some healing time in their pasture. So Bobby, my husband, caught a ride back to the house and my grandson and I stayed with the horses at the river. Bobby returned shortly with the truck and horse trailer. We loaded the horses and mule into the trailer and returned back home.
We doctored Jake’s boo-boo’s and turned out our horses back into their pasture. Since we had already unloaded everything from the horses and into our truck we decided to drive on and do some primitive camping for a while.  We wound up visiting relatives in Texas and then on to Murfreesboro, Arkansas and to the Crater of Diamond State Park. We had a truly wonderful, memorable summer, despite the extreme heat and humidity.

We are regrouping and planning on heading out on another journey. Our grandson, Mikey, won’t be coming along this time with us. I am sure going to miss him not being with us and a part of our upcoming journey, as I already miss him any ways. He really knew how to cowboy up! Mikey has left me with many cherished and blessed memories from our short journey and summer camping. I hope to have implanted the same into him. His new goal is to learn to train horses and to one day own a horse farm.

We’re hoping to be able to leave out the first part of Oct., 2012. The temps should start dropping around then, and become more bearable and comfortable for the horses and on us too. Bobby has a covered wagon now and he plans on driving it on this journey. He wants to do a little modifying to the wagon and it needs the canvas cover over the top. I will still be riding the journey on my horse, Flicka, and plan on staying the nights in the wagon. Taking a covered wagon we will now be able to bring along feed and water for the horses and have less to worry about where to fulfill those needs along the way. Also, we will be able to carry some cool drinks along for us. Keeping a drink cool was just impossible, as we discovered from our last experience.

I will be trying my best to keep updates to my blog this time. It was extremely difficult to find any wifi service at all in many of the rural towns as we passed thru. Another difficulty we experienced was keeping everything charged up. The solar unit we bought and brought for our journey didn’t work, so we returned it for a refund when we brought our horses back to their pasture.

I have this to say, this short riding journey was one of the best times I have had in my entire life! Even for just this short bit, it was everything I had hoped for and then some. It has only left me craving for more. I believe I have discovered a new lifestyle truly fitting for me. I’m still considered to be crazy by some folks around here, but until you’ve experienced it you will never know what you are missing. Since returning back into our home, in August, I haven’t been the same. The walls and ceiling give me a feeling of smothering and entrapment.  There is so much of life missing when one is enclosed and stationary, behind the walls. A wonderful, peaceful bliss seemed to soak into my soul as I traveled along at 3 mph, 5 ft off the ground, and on the back of the most wonderful horse I have ever known, hearing and viewing our earth’s with all its enchantments.

So for now we are busy modifying our wagon, preparing and for looking forward to another attempt at a journey…..going somewhere USAJ
Take Care my Friends and get out there and live those dreams!

This is Jessie, she plows, she pulls and she rides! Hopefully, she will be ours very soon :)

This is Bobby's covered wagon. Our soon to be home away from home wagon:)