Monday, June 11, 2012

Howdy Y'all! This evening will probably be my last at home post on this blog. YEEHAWW! FINALLY!!
We will be heading out yonder come the break of dawn in the morning!

The past couple of days around here have been pretty hectic. I think today it really topped it off. Having some things we just had to leave until last thing(s) to do. Seems that wound up being more than overwhelming. But, it's now done! We hope. One thing for sure, a few miles down the road tomorrow, I for one, am not gonn'a even give a hoot!

So until my next post, everyone stay well, healthy and happy!
Giddy Up!


  1. So excited!! Can't wait to read about your trip from the road!!!! BE safe and have fun!!!
    Cousin Karen

  2. Happy to report as of Tuesday night their journey was going well. I am Debbie's oldest, and only daughter. My son, Mikey, who is on this adventure with them is my oldest son, and Debbie's oldest grandchild. I am excited that my child was able to become a part of this adventure in not only my mom, and Bobby's life, but for him to add to his memories, and a learning experience to his own life.

    I will try and report, and post any news as I come in contact with them throughout their adventure.

    This seems to be the craziest idea that my mother has ever came up with, but it seems like a well planned out adventure into craziness....LOL. If anyone can pull this off, the 3 of them can, and will.

  3. Hope you keep us posted! What a wonderful journey to be on!

  4. Haven't heard anything for a long time. Hope all is well!