Wednesday, June 6, 2012

                                            Tamor Veterinary Service, Magnolia, MS.
We've had a busy past two days. I notice that my camera date is 1 day in arrears. I need to try and fix this. Yesterday, we loaded up our traveling stock (which has increased) and off to our vet we went. Coggins day and health check. The coggins test results should arrive back to the vets on Mon. June 11th. We will be going and picking it up, verses in the mail. This now puts our leaving date as June 12th. I asked Dr. Gordon and his assistant, of Tamor Veterinary Service in Magnolia, MS., if I could include their picture too? Ah shuckens, it seems they were both just too camera shy~

Loading our traveling buddies first thing that morning went fairly uneventful, kind'a, sort'a. We did have a few moments of challenges at first, when it came to loading up Diamond, the 3 yr old. She has only been trailered just a very few times.
Ol'Red, the horse Bobby is riding, loaded right on up, old hat for him. Next was Sugar, she is also coming with us on our journey. Our grandson, Mikey, is cowboying up to ride with us on our journey! More prepping, but oh so worth it! He will be riding Sugar, our 8 yr old trail ridden, bomb proof, quarter horse. Needless to say, she loads in any trailer just fine. Sugar will do anything you ask of her. Mikey has fell in love with her already.
Jake the pack mule, couldn't wait his turn to load and just went right on in after Sugar. Jake doesn't want to miss out on anything the others are doing :) Flicka, my horse was ready to load so aboard she went to her place in the trailer. Then it was Diamonds turn to be loaded. She approached the trailer as if she was going to step right on in. Ha, Nope, at the last second she changed her mind. She merely was bluffing us. We circled her around a few times and back to load and every time, uh~nope, just not happening.
Right next to the catch pen is a chute where cattle can go thru to be loaded. Bobby had an idea to run Diamond thru there. Moving the horse trailer to the cattle chute opening, she'd have no where else to go but aboard the horse trailer. At the same time we were trying to do our best to not traumatize her of loading either. That worked like a charm! Perfectly. She loaded right up, as if it was her idea all along. We figured we'd find a way to re-load her at the vets office, somehow.

Left to right, Diamond, Sugar, Mikey's ride, and my horse Flicka. Why is it every time I have my camera in hand to take their picture, they turn their rears to me???
Bobby, his horse Ol'Red, and our grandson Mikey. The only one not pictured of our traveling stock was Jake our pack mule. He decided to remain inside the trailer.
All of the horses unloaded at the vets perfectly. They all were very well behaved too! Not one single complaint from any of them during their blood draw. Jake too, though he became a tad bashful and remained loaded in the trailer. Dr. Gordon said that was fine with him. When time came to load them all back into the trailer. They were awesome! Even Diamond step right on in without blinking an eye. I was so proud of all of them :)

Today, the UPS truck arrived this evening about 6:30. Two boxes were handed over to me! YEEHAWW!
Bobby opened both boxes and we just eww'ed and awed over the gear we had just received! From we received our saddle pannier for our pack mule, pair of tree straps, and a 6.5 gallon collapsible water trough. I highly recommend this place. They carry lots of supplies for the trail. Plus, when you call you actually get to talk to real folks and they are very friendly, and helpful!

The other box contained, 2 rain gear 4 horse back riding suits that I had ordered off  Ebay. Not included was our grandson's which was extremely disappointing to us. I haven't given up the hope of receiving it just yet though. I ordered his a day later than ours. Perhaps, he will get his tomorrow? Keep fingers crossed. The tracking stated it as included in this order though. I have written to the seller, hopefully this matter will soon be settled. If not before we leave, we will still see to it he stays as dry as we do on our journey. Even if it isn't exactly the same kind of rain gear as the other two are.

Have I mentioned lately just how EXCITED we all are? YEEHAWW!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. I'm excited too!!! Wish I was going with you!!!