Sunday, June 3, 2012

Today was my last working day at my job. Tough day. I am sure going to miss my store family, and many, many of  the great customers (I think of as my friends) that go there. Hugs were exchanged, phone numbers and addresses were given to me, so I can try and keep everyone updated during our journey.  Lots of laughs today with my work buddies too. As they are for the most part still thinking I have lost my mind. Imagine that? They teased me with kindness and sent their well wishes with me in the end. What great folks :)

The gear that we ordered online should be arriving here the middle of this week. We're anxiously waiting. In just a few days we will have the saddle pannier (the pack for the mule), collapsible water bucket, to water the horses, and the straps for putting around the trees for when we use a highline to tie our horses to. These straps help by not causing damages the trees. We're taking this journey with "leave no trace behind" attitude. Also, our rain gear should be here about the same time.
As dry as it's been, I am kind'a hoping we will need to use our rain gear. Poor Texas, last year had such a horrible drought. I hope it's not a repeat this year. New Mexico right now, is having its largest ever wild fire in the Gila National Forest. I sure had high hopes of possibly going thru some outskirts of the Gila National Forest, but that may not even be accessible. Such a beautiful area, what a shame.

We have portable solar now! Yes! Bobby bought a solar kit so we will be able to charge our cell phones, and laptop. The kit even came with a solar lantern! Thanks goes out to my son Josh, for helping point Bobby in the right direction with this too! I had been looking online at solar stuff and hadn't seen anything like what we have now:)
So YEEHAWW! Time is growing nearer and we are becoming more prepared as each day passes.

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  1. Am so excited for you!! Really looking forward to seeing photos and reading about your adventures!! I just can't imagine pulling it all together in the world will you take enough hay/grain for the horses????