Friday, June 8, 2012

This day has heartache in it. My beautiful, loveable, sweet Daisy won't be going West with us. Instead she went to Pet Heaven this morning. R.I.P. my sweet Daisy. I am the cause. Making my heartbreak even worse. I didn't know she was in front of my truck as I went through my drive way.
I had returned to my house to run in and grab my camera. I had forgotten to take it with me earlier this morning when I left. Daisy wasn't at my side when I went back out to get into my truck as she usually does. She's use to me going to work when I leave the house, and I back out of my drive. Instead today, my U driveway was empty, so I just pulled forward. I never knew she was there, never even seen her! I was thinking she was at the side of the house since she wasn't at my side. Today just had to be so out of sync. "IF" only I had backed my truck (as I am sure she was expecting) out of the driveway my Daisy might still be here and going with us on our journey. We are so missing her. It hurts badly when you lose a fur family, even harder being the cause of. I'm so very sorry my precious Daisy.
My heart aches.

Today was medi-pedicure day for our horses. Most of them where also shod today. The only two that was not shod, Jake the mule, and Diamond the 3 yr old. We discussed this matter with our farrier. Kyle felt that the mule, Jake, would do fine without shoes and only a trim. We won't be riding Diamond, so he says she should be fine also with just a trim.

Working on Jake, are farriers, Kyle (working w/hoof) and Nathan standing and holding Jake
Ol'Red, Flicka, and Sugar behaved nicely for the farriers, Kyle and Nathan. For the most part so did Jake. He wasn't really fond of his back hooves being fooled with. But, Kyle went into his trailer he pulled on the back of his pickup and came out with the solution! A rope. He roped his back feet one at a time. Nothing traumatic, but a good safe precaution and it even helped Jake too.
Diamond was a whole different gig. She was a naughty-naughty girl today! Never before have we had an issue with her raising either of her legs. She surrenders without issue. Not today. Diamond rared up and pawed Nathan right on his head! I thought for sure Nathan was going to pass out. He shook it off though and started assuring us he was alright. He must surely be one hard -headed man!
Miss Diamonds misbehaving didn't deter either one of them. They went right on back to work and Diamond got her hooves trimmed rather she wanted too or not!
Kyle and Nathan did some great work today. Thanks fella's! We really appreciated them. Kyle even told us if we have any problems on our journey to call him. He knows of several farriers towards the direction we will be traveling in. This is comforting to know.

Bobby put the horses back into the catch pen for awhile after the farriers had finished with them. After a couple of hours passed he got them all back out and tied them each up to a trailer. We then brushed and groomed on them. We also decided Jake should try out his new outfit for the journey. I think he looks real spiffy! Wearing his pack like a real trooper.
There is a lot of thought and work in preparing to leave out on a journey like this. One also wouldn't really think that to carry so much less, it would take up so much time figuring it all out. Some how it just does. Then for us and the horses, we all have to keep on working at it all to try and prepare for the days-weeks-months ahead.
Know what? We are ALL loving every single minute of this and still can hardly wait till THAT DAY arrives!


  1. Sooo very sorry about Daisy! I know how heart-breaking it can be. On a happier note, Jake looks fantastic in his get-up!